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Here are some interesting stories for all the god’s fan….
1.Sachin was given a pair of pads by his cricket hero Sunil Gavaskar when he was a schoolboy – and he made his Test debut for India against Pakistan aged just 16-years old in 1989 wearing those very pads…..

2.Like loads of other cricketers, Sachin is pretty superstitious – he’ll always put on his left pad before his right whenever he’s getting padded up……

3.“He hasn’t spent Diwali at home since we got married. But it really doesn’t matter that it’s Diwali… any time he spends at home is great!” – Anjali, his wife, told once…
Once in a BBC interview when asked about his dream women, Sachin answered ‘my wife’ without batting an eyelid.

4.”He scored a fantastic 148 in Shane Warne’s debut Test in Sydney and then followed it up with another century at Perth, one of the toughest pitches in the world, where Indians have traditionally struggled. The value of his hundred increased because all the other Indian batsmen struggled.
His weakness is the fact that he is so talented. His adrenaline pumps strongly when he walks out to bat with the noise of the crowds. You can’t hear yourself think with that noise.
I would pay $1000 to watch Sachin bat.
To score a 148 at Sydney – and that too when you are 18 — was out of the ordinary though the wicket was a lot like the ones you encounter in India, flat with lots of runs for the taking…….”
The above facts are told by Allan Border.

5.The entire cricket world is convinced of one thing : Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the world’s best batsman. Not just for his extraordinary skill, not just for his ability to tear even the most formidable of bowling attacks to shreds; but also for a rare never-say-die spirit, an insatiable hunger for runs and victory, a desire to dominate the opponent ; commitment, dedication …

These are what the little champion has built his reputation on. ..

6.Tendulkar was a person who would never show any disrespect to the national flag..He respects the national flag most and had even sought permission to use the tricolour on his helmet……
It’s not the riches or the records but the love for the game that keeps the world’s richest cricketer going day after day. It is his hard work, determination, temperament & dedication for the country that keeps him charged….

7.Tendulkar, now in his eighteenth year in international cricket says, ”I still play… because I still love the game.” ”I would like to clarify this. It’s not about records. It’s all about loving the game and enjoying being out there in the middle. That is extremely special to me and far bigger than breaking records or creating new ones.”

”Creating records happens after you’ve gone on the cricket field, but you’ve got to find a reason to go on the cricket field, and for me the reason is very clear.”

”From the age of three I’ve loved this sport and I’ve never thought about scoring the most number of centuries or runs in international cricket. Everyone enjoys breaking records, I’m enjoying it too, but that is not the reason for playing cricket.”

“Whatever level you reach, getting better never stops”-Sachin.
Tendulkar said ”When I started playing, I always wanted to be regarded as one of the best and the idea was that when I stopped playing, people would remember my name. Being regarded as one of the best players is always a good feeling, and that drives you, it refuels you completely. You want to be on top of your game all the time and push yourself harder and harder. There’s a huge responsibility and it is a great challenge. I love that,” he added…..

8.Some quotes by GOD himself……
My big sister gave it to me after returning from a trip to Kashmir, which is known for its high-quality willows. It wasn’t the best bat, but it was like a piece of gold to me. I used to imagine myself batting for India, hitting fours and sixes, the people cheering.
I used that bat until it broke ..

I was the only one supporting John McEnroe — everyone used to call me “Mac” because I styled myself on him. I made my father buy me the same headbands and sweatbands and even grew my hair long. You wouldn’t believe the pictures of me from that time. I was also extremely naughty. Very, very difficult to handle. …I had a nanny who used to run after me virtually 24 hours a day, because I never wanted to go home

My father, who died in 1999, was never a cricket fan, not at all. He was a writer and a poet: he taught Marathi, my mother tongue, at the local university. But he understood exactly how to get the best out of me. He always encouraged me and told my mother that he had full faith in me. It was probably reverse psychology, but as I got older I felt like I could not misuse that trust. He warned me against taking short cuts and told me to just keep playing, despite the ups and downs. My parents taught me that it is important to live every day of your life with grace and honour.When it came to choosing between cricket and going to university, he said: “You can play cricket, I know that is your first love, so go for it.”
Of course, my parents were extremely happy when I became the youngest player to play for India, at 16. ..

Cricket is something very, very special to me. It has never been about owning this or that car and the other things that come with this life.. An obsession with money or worldly matters was always thumbed down. My only dream was to wear the Indian cap and the Indian colours. In that respect, my childhood dreams have come true…..

Having children brings back all my old childhood memories, wonderful years. Now, every minute is measured and calculated. I still dream — without dreams, life is flat, you stagnate. I don’t go to the temple every morning, but I do pray. I thank God for everything he has given me, because life has been very good to me.

9.Chappell should remember how Tendulkar has achieved his greatness and carried the weight of expectations of a billion people since the age of 16, Jadeja said. He added “When tendulkar enters the field, the crowd says-SACHIN! SACHIN! This is something what every cricketer wants”..

Sachin Tendulkar, the brightest star in the world of cricket has achieved his greatest prices with his intellectual and skilful cricketing brains..
SACHIN dreamt a world of superstars and great triumph and he achieved it..

At the age of 10 he walked to the field at 6 am with a cricket bag bigger than him for the practice. At the age of 11 he moved with his paternal uncle to get trained in cricket by the most renowned coach Ramakanth Achrekar. ..

10.Billions of hearts weep…..on the day when Sachin (GOD) retire.
Indians wish that day never comes. It would be one of the most disappointing days of our life. Ever since Indians started watching cricket, it was Sachin, Sachin & only Sachin who made them feel cricket so special. Sachin is only responsible for making cricket a religion in India. They haven’t experienced watching cricket without Sachin. Whether he was injured/rested, there was always a ray of hope that he comes back to team soon. But after retirement, he will never be backing………..If anyone wants to achieve anything in life, Sachin is the best example for them.
I feel most people find it hard to digest that Sachin will no more be a part of Indian cricket…….on that day, isn’t it?
JUST imagine that day, when Sachin plays his last game. He comes to bat for the last time, and everybody in the stadium claps & the chants of SACHIN!!! came for the last time after he gets out, while walking back to the pavilion, the entire crowd gives him a stand awaition. Many of them will be in tears, millions of eyes wet watching their hero play for the last time. An era ends. The end of a legend came……..The bond between every generation breaks. Would you miss Sachin a lot? I think most of people would say “YES”. The saddest day of Indian cricket- when genius retires…LOVE YOU SACHIN!!!

11.From the early 90s to the early years of the new millennium represented the decade of Brian Lara, Richardson, Martin Crowe, Steve and Mark Waugh, Mathew Hayden, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Gary Kirsten and Rahul Dravid. But there can be any doubt that the No.1 batsman in the world for a decade now has been Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar. .
But figures, however important they may be, are something that Tendulkar’s achievement should not be measured by. He should be judged by the manner of his batting & that is what Bradman did.

Symbolized by Sir Bradman naming him in his dream team of all time. The team in which Tendulkar is the only Indian player.
He has scored runs on slow pitches of the subcontinent, fast tracks of West Indies, bouncy wickets in Australia and South Africa and in whirling conditions in New Zealand and England.

The thought of having Tendulkar as an opponent gives bowlers bad dreams. No batsman has inflicted such psychological damage to bowlers at any time in the world like Tendulkar did to Shane Warne!!!(Warne said Tendulkar is my nightmare).
His technique is so well organized that he is able to encounter any delivery with ease and comfort, giving the impression of having all the time in the world to play the stroke, the hallmark of the greatest of batsmen.


  • Runs : 34347 (15921 T + 18426 O )
    200s : 7(6 T + 1 O)
    100s : 100(51 T + 49 O)
    50s : 164(68 T + 96 O)

"For Sachin the balance is there. He is quick to complete his shot. He covers the crease much better than mere mortals."
David Gower, Former England cricketer

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